A confidence interval is defined as a range of values so arranged that there is a specified probability that the value of a parameter lies within it. Don’t mind the “book-long” definition. Ever since the divorce of mathematics and accounting in 1494 by the judge called Luca Pacioli, there still have been flirtation between the two. They refused just to get separated! And for this reason, no accountant is immune from mathematics.

But that is not what I want us to talk about today. I want us to talk about the mathematical term called ‘confidence interval’ and how you can apply it to your life.

The book writers set confidence interval at 95%. There is a lower limit which is 2.5% and there is an upper limit which is 2.5%. These two limits are also called the “Critical Region”.

What really am I talking about here?

For any battle to be won, for any achievement to be reached and for any virtue to be produced, you need a high concentration of confidence level. If you are not confident in what you are doing, you are not confident of your objectives and you are not even confident in your own abilities, then I am afraid you have already failed before you even begun!

The mathematician says it must be at 95% level so that “all other things shall be added unto you”. Sorry I am not talking about the Jesus Christ’s statement here in Matthew 6:33. All other things here is just 5%. This could be prayer, faith, your talent, etc. Don’t you see that the majority of successful business people are just not educated but rather have confidence in what they believe in, pursued it and they become successful?

In any battle, any competition and any struggle, it is the confident person, the brave person that wins. Forget about being black, white or red. Your race doesn’t matter. It is your confidence level that matters.

Once more I have drawn from a body of knowledge called mathematics to guide you! Increase your confidence level. If you are not able to do so, then you will think that the spiritualist could make it possible for you. And that is why in any community, society, and race that fear is abound, the worship of the demon is also abound! When fear is eradicated, all mysticism is gone! It is the fear that makes the gods exist.

Watch out and build your confidence level in all your endeavours and all others shall flow naturally to you! That is, just ensure that you do not harbour any fear in achieving your goals and objectives.  Be confident, be bold! No mathematical calculations are necessary!


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