Holy is the Day. So Holy that every human being that fails to know about it and fail to partake in it burdens himself with guilt. No excuses and murmuring are acceptable to God, for man has refused with his wanton conceit and puffed-up belief that he knows better. Miserable is the situation when all beings receive in humble devotion on that great day but human beings are still standing unconcerned or receive it in a dull-witted manner.

The Day of Pentecost, the Day of the Outpouring of the Holy Spirit! Many imagine that this occurred only once during the time of the Disciples of Jesus Christ. With this, it appears to be arbitrary on the part of God. But this is not so. This is an event that occurs every year, at a definite time. The meeting of the Disciples after the ascension of Jesus coincided exactly with this happening and therefore they were greatly moved, received power and transferred it to the thirsting souls at that time.

What and How

At the uppermost part of the Grail Castle stands a Holy Chalice. Surrounded by the Elders who are the same time the Guardians of the Holy Grail. There, in the Holy Chalice, it surges and bubbles like blood but never overflowing, the momentous promise of the Almighty God. At the appointed time, for a brief moment, The Dove appears over the Chalice. Power flows throughout Creation as a result. The actual form of the Holy Spirit is the Dove. It appears above the Holy Grail, the Holy Chalice. The Guardians receive this power in humble devotion and transmit this to the rest of Creation.

The Communion of Creation

With the appearance of the Dove above the Chalice, power flows through creation as the renewal of power and energy. This vital energy is the Communion of God with His Creation. It is the moment in which the Love of God radiantly flows forth in the Temple of the Holy Grail, bringing new life and a new urge to create, pulsating downwards and diffusing itself through all the Universe. A trembling and a holy awe, with forebodings of joy and great happiness, vibrate through all the spheres.


The human being will still ask why should God create this communion with His Creation. On many accounts, the intellect of man never leaves him free. He wants to know why without receiving anything in humble devotion. If this occurrence, which happens once every year ever fail, if the Dove fails to appear over the Chalice, then everything will grow old, dry up and destroy. The end of all days will come and human being will cease to be.

Receive Power

Like it happened during the time of the disciples, you too can receive power and strength for your sojourning on earth. This occasion, the most blessed Day of all days, is now to be celebrated by people who knows about it and who receive from the Lord in humility to be true human beings in the sense of God Almighty.

Man, learn about the Creation and know what your God is for you! And give thanks to God Almighty who promises you – Imanuel that He is always with you!

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