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Microfinance has been used over the years in fighting rural poverty and removal of ignorance. As a tool of poverty alleviation, and adopted by the World Bank and other donor assisted funds, its operation cannot be over-emphasized.
But the topics in microfinance are not easy to digest and cannot be traced to one coherent, comprehensive and concise source. Learners and practitioners have to use various research materials to be able to elicit what they need. More often than not, most research materials are either too deep or just inadequate for learners. The middle is always the short-cuts, that is, points are disjointed in the bid to make ends meet for learners and other young practitioners.
The Author, with a wide experience in the sector, particularly in finance, accounting and operations management at the highest level in notable microfinance organizations within Africa and Asia, has come up with what is described as “The Textbook” on microfinance.
He, therefore, touches on every aspect of the microfinance subjects that are needed at the colleges and university levels. Business schools and their students shall find this book comprehensive enough on the topics of microfinance.
At the very best, students and young practitioners of banking and finance would not have to look elsewhere for the knowledge in the contemporary microfinance setting. The subjects treated are: –
Difference between banking and microfinance
Lending methodologies of microfinance institutions
Sources of funding to the banks and the MFIs
Wholesale banking and development banking
Risk Management
Fraud risks management
Operations Risk Management
Best Practices in Loans Collections
Collateral Management and Collateral Registry
Financial Technology (Fintech) and Mobile Banking
The role of the Finance, Internal Audit, ICT and Human Resource functions
Glossary of thousands of microfinance definitions
It is hoped to be a good companion to you in your studies and practices on the field!

51+XAzlpkWL._SX312_BO1,204,203,200_Business tools and techniques have largely been used in the corporate world to promote businesses in strategic directions that accrue benefits and therefore maximize profits to these corporate organisations. This book looks at these business tools and techniques and exploits their benefits if applied to personal financial strategy. It specifically looks at AIDA Model in Marketing, SWOT Analysis, Setting of Personal Vision and Mission Statements, application of Incremental and Zero Based Budgeting techniques in personal planning, M. Porter’s Five Competitive Forces and Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. All these in one book with analysis of how they could be applied with tested evidence of successful people.
You will never be the same after reading this book!

About Me-

Siegfried Silverman is a professional accountant with a stint with journalism. He currently works as Chief Executive Officer in a micro-finance institution in Southern Africa outside his home country!

To succeed in business and personal development, it requires personal effort and desire to change your status quo. Success depends on a number of critical factors in life; relating them from the perspective of a professional accountant who is dedicated to growing start-ups, counselling, coaching, teaching and guiding young and up-coming business executives.The book touches on finance, marketing, accounting, psychology, economics and spiritual experiences to address thorny issues that are taken for granted in planning, execution and development on oneself.

Divided into three parts: Part I teaches on planning and getting yourself organised for that business. How do you get that business running, how do you plan for the year in terms of resolutions and how to get your annual resolutions working, how to position yourself in your chosen niche and how to get that vision realized through active participation.

Part II expands on personal development topics with Finance, Accounting, Psychology, Marketing and Economics topics that are studied in schools but are least applied in personal life. You shall be guided on how life possibilities are open before your eyes in a practical way after going through all the steps therein.

Part III considers spiritual origin of man, how and why you have been born into that house and the reason why your father is not the likes of Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. You will learn how to adjust yourself in order to come out from your present situations if only you lifted up your spirit! You shall also learn about the spiritual activities of your brain and how you can exploit it for the benefit of your own self. Know the difference between intelligence, knowledge and wisdom and the reason why your back-brain (cerebellum) plays significant role in your spiritual development than ever.

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Wealth creation is not the preserve of the elites, monarchies and some special families. Some people are born with success and others learn to be successful.

It has been discovered that education at home and self-tutoring account for more than 80% of personal success stories. This means that classroom and traditional educational establishments could not inculcate that higher knowledge of transforming individuals if ‘graduates’ don’t take it upon themselves to learn the art of personal development and wealth creation.

Failure or success does not depend at all on one’s education. Over the ages we have seen many school dropouts accounting for the richest people in the world while the most intelligent people in schools and colleges stay in employment till their retirement; and in most occasions never make much impact on their lives.

The techniques of making permanent wealth, and a wealth that stays and passes on to the next generation is often not found in remaining as an employee. These techniques have been elaborated very much in this book and it encourages readers to take steps to build permanent wealth for the next generation.

The book gives guidance on how one can learn to be successful in this contemporary information age. While others would run schemes that purport to make people rich overnight, the book teaches techniques and time-tested principles of making permanent wealth; a wealth that do not fade within months or years.

Be spurred upwards and stay aloft!