MICROFINANCE: A Textbook of Microfinance for Schools, Colleges and Practitioners

Microfinance has been used over the years in fighting rural poverty and removal of ignorance. As a tool of poverty alleviation, and adopted by the World Bank and other donor assisted funds, its operation cannot be over-emphasised.

But the topics in microfinance are not easy to digest and cannot be traced to one coherent, comprehensive and concise source. Learners and practitioners have to use various research materials to be able to elicit what they need. More often than not, most research materials are either too deep or just inadequate for learners. The middle is always the short-cuts, that is, points are disjointed in the bid to make ends meet for learners and other young practitioners.

The Author, with a wide experience in the sector, particularly in finance, accounting, risk management and operations management at the highest level in notable microfinance organisations within Africa and Asia, has come up with what is described as “The Textbook” on microfinance.

He, therefore, touches on every aspect of the microfinance subjects that are needed at the colleges and university levels. Business schools and their students shall find this book comprehensive enough on the topics of microfinance.

At the very best, students and young practitioners of banking and finance would not have to look elsewhere for the knowledge in the contemporary microfinance setting. The subjects treated are: –

  • Introduction to Microfinance, it’s history and its development
  • Differences between banking and microfinance
  • Lending methodologies of microfinance institutions
  • Sources of funding to the banks and the MFIs
  • Wholesale banking and development banking
  • Risk Management
  • Fraud risks management
  • Operations Risk Management
  • Best Practices in Loans Collections
  • Collateral Management and Collateral Registry
  • Financial Technology (Fintech) and Mobile Banking
  • The role of the Finance, Internal Audit, ICT and Human Resource functions
  • Glossary of thousands of microfinance definitions

It is a 372 pages, 18 chapters of 6″x 9″ standard textbook format. It contains all the latest ideas, research and publications in the field of microfinance cutting across Africa, Latin America, Asia, Europe and North America.

It is hoped to be a good companion to you in your studies and practices on the field!

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