I captured this image of the window of a certain office at the outskirt of an Asian city I visited in not too distant past. The owner of the building is a Buddhist.

I need not write about it and I need not talk about it if I were to find it in a Christian home. But because of the wanton conceit and irresponsible spiritual indolence of the present-day mankind, I thought it wise to bring it across. What do you know about this thing and what does it represent?

At the most sacred places of the Catholic church, you are likely to see this image, but most often without the ring around it. (See the actual images in a gold plated form as handed down to mankind!)


It was revealed to mankind for the first time in the wilderness during the sojourn of Moses in Egypt. But this image, mutilated, misused and disfigured, we lost its importance and therefore we lost our purpose also on earth. And at that time, Parsifal was on Earth. Much is yet to be written about this Name!

This image is the Cross of Truth! The Cross of equal arms is the Cross of God. While this Cross represents the Truth and actually is the Truth, the Dove also represents the Holy Spirit.

At the outermost border of the Divine Sphere, in the proximity of God, towards Creation stands the Holy Grail. It is the Power Transmission Centre of God if we want to think about the generation of electricity. The Elders (Revelations 4:10), a small number of the last ramification of Angels act as the Guardians of the Holy Grail. Their embodiment is this image. They swing in It, but they are not the image itself!


When Jesus spoke to the Disciples that “take up the Cross and follow me” (Matthew 16:24), He refers to the Truth. The Cross of equal arms refers to the Truth. Therefore, the one who wants to follow Christ must take up the Truth and follow Him. It is not the cross of suffering; the mutilated cross of crucifixion He was referring to. The cross of Truth is a Living Cross and Creation revolves around it! The cross of suffering or crucifixion is the legacy of what we did to Christ! The cross with the long leg cannot and will never be the Cross of Truth.


I would like to extend the explanation on the vertical beam and the horizontal beam of the Cross. The vertical is positive while the horizontal is the negative beam. The vertical beam is masculine and the horizontal is the feminine. For peace and harmony to duel on earth, both the masculine and feminine, which is represented by man and woman respectively, must take their rightful place in Creation.

But what do we see today; men want to be women and women act as men in wrongful copying, culture and fashion! And now the aberration of some cultures whereby people are permitted to change their sex from being a man to a woman and vice versa. More and more is our curse than ever!


For me to see this in a Buddhist country tells me that the Truth is universal and not limited to the Christian religion! Therefore take up the Truth and follow God! You need not be a Christian, a Buddhist or a Moslem to do so. You only need to live by the Truth!

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