Competition and cooperation seem to be words that are opposite. In a real sense their origin and therefore their application may surprise you. Competition is defined as “a situation in which someone is trying to win something or be more successful than someone else”-Cambridge Dictionary. It could be described as a rivalry, vying; conflict, feuding, fighting or keeping up with the Joneses.

Cooperation is defined as the “the process of working together to the same end” – Cambridge Dictionary. It is also described as collaboration, joint action, combined effort, teamwork, partnership, coordination, liaison, association, synergy, synergism, give and take, compromise, etc.

Source of competition and cooperation

While I will be surprising you with my explanations, I will like to make this clear that some healthy rivalries originate from the Godhead. Most competitions originate from the devil while cooperation originates purely from God. Why do I say so? Competition stems basically from temptation, which was introduced by Satan. You must pass a test or fall into his traps. That was how Satan started dealing with the human being maturing under his care. By this wrong principle, competition came into being. It may also surprise you to know that the devil cannot and never cooperate in any matter. Take my words for it even if you don’t believe it. There is nothing call cooperation in the words of the devil. He is to appropriate all and take all; nothing to share or cooperate with.


  1. Competition in families: Feuding in the family could be both positive and negative. But on many occasions, the negatives dominate the positive. Jealousy rises up sharply against the one who seems to be more successful than the other siblings and grotesque and mischievous behaviors rise up against the one who is supposed to be the light of the family. This exists in every family without exception. And this alone should indicate to you that the competition introduced as a result of the temptation of the enemy has taken on form. A form that is harmful for entire Creation.
  2. Workplace competitions: Workplace jealousies and competition for position or being in the good book of the superiors has reached dangerous levels for many organisations. People go all lengths to kill, harm or at least remove their colleagues from position as a result of the form of competitions. It normally starts with destroying the other in the face of the superiors. This leads to character assassinations or all forms of slander so that the other person will look bad. If this is not successful, others go extra miles by visiting spiritual doctors to cause harm or injury to the person in their opposition. What do you take on these things?
  3. The resources of the nations: In many cases, rich resources of nations have been placed on the border between two or more nations. Do you notice that? The oil reserves of Nigeria and Cameroon, that of Ghana and Ivory Coast and the latest in the controversy is the competition between Tanzania and Malawi over Lake Malawi just because oil have been discovered in the portion of the lake. Why do you think resources of the nations are just positioned on the borders of the nations, leading to disputes and sometimes wars? God expects us to cooperate so that these resources would benefit a large amount of people instead of being appropriated for the few. In these matters, cooperation would have been the key in solving all these matters so that these resources are harnessed for the benefits of the nations concerned. But no. We must fight, we must quarrel because as I told you before, the devil does not believe in cooperation. It is the winner takes all! The same could be seen in all internal political discourses. Man, who do you serve in these matters? God or the Devil?
  4. Competition in marriage: Marriage is a cooperation between two maturing opposite sex who made a vow to live and work together in honor of God. Does this sentence show in all marriages you are permitted to observe? Conflict in marriage as a result either one party wants to dominate more than the other seems to ruin all perfect unions. Instead of cooperation as a result of the strengths and weaknesses of both parties, there is over-zealousness to rule by one party. This comes from both sexes. Do not think I am talking about the man alone here. Some women in marriages have become tyrants in the house, bringing all sorts of disunity and disharmony in the house. The over-dominance of the intellect is the cause of this. Much has been written about the dominance of the intellect, which led to what is called the hereditary sin. For details on this, please click here.
  5. Other competitions: In sports and other outdoor competitions, there are more horrible and grotesque place for playing against and outwitting one another. What is at stake? A trophy and a price attached to it. With these, you could see all our sportsmen and women with the mark of the beast on their bodies; tattoo! What about it in music, arts and theaters? It is incredible how role plays are competed over and even colleagues are killed on account of the roles offered and how well one is doing over the other. Do you ever learn anything about these things at all? How marriages are quickly arranged for the popular ones out of money or fame instead of out of love. How are the marriages of our celebrities doing? Do you see any particular trend in them? For I warned you before, that the competitions are as a result of evil source and therefore those who partake well in them instead of working in cooperation must imbibe some of the characteristics of their master. No two ways about this.


Today, I exhort you to learn how to cooperate. Archangels cooperate effectively with the lowest in the Will of God who are called the elemental beings. They work in cooperation. Animals work in cooperation. Only the human being compete over what God has graciously offered them! Do you hear that? Man, take your place and don’t let intellectual domination lead you, but must further your ascent to the Godhead!


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