The only sure thing that every person believes, irrespective of religion, nationality or status is that one day, he or she would die. You don’t have to die before you know that there is death; when you see others dying, then you expect yours to come one day. Do the dead actually rest in peace? Let us explore the dreaded subject of death, where the spirit goes and how it goes. Then we shall conclude on whether we rest in peace or continue in an activity.

What is Death?

At the maturity of the spirit, it detaches itself from its physical cloak and embarks on its journey. A journey that it has destined for itself while on earth. To answer what is death, it is just a transition from the physical world into the spiritual world. The body is just a garment and it must be laid aside when the spirit matures to depart.

Alternatively, the spirit, willed by its volition on earth, would forcefully detach from the body. This may come in the form of accidents or other natural disasters. When the spirit wills it, through its karmic threads, it happens. There is no accident in this creation. Everything is willed by the spirit of man and everybody is rewarded according to its volition. A great explanation is needed in this matter and therefore you have to journey with me slowly.

A soul will only detach itself at a certain maturity. When activities of man have been geared towards earthly things, for the sole purpose of enjoying physical benefits and without taking any due consideration for issues of spiritual development, then that soul entangles or chains itself to the physical world. The only alternative that is left for it is a painful death enabling the spirit to free itself from its entanglement. Many outsiders will blame this happening on one thing or the other but spiritual laws are not flouted on the account of the ignorance of men.

You will then ask me why should children also die?

The maturity of the spirit is not limited to the physical age of the person on earth. Man must come to understand that there is no spirit that is living for the first time on earth today. There have been repeated reincarnations, a dispensation granted for immatured souls that cannot cross into Paradise.  The grace of God allows the soul to reincarnate to be given the opportunity to correct its past mistakes and make amends. And that makes each earthly life very important; a time that cannot be fritted away. For a child to die early, that child might have completed its cycle of maturity or chosen it for itself as such.

Rest in Peace?

Is spirit of men actually meant to rest in peace? In Creation, there is no standstill. Everything is movement. Anything that wants to stand still will be crushed, trampled upon and destroyed by the mill of movement of the Creation. That is how Creation is meant to be. Nothing is left to rest unless it is dropped off like a ripened fruit on a tree that cannot stay there because it has completed its cycle. Then it becomes a seed again to be planted for another cycle of its development. There is no standstill.

The spirit of man must cross over the animistic realm into the spiritual realm by laying aside its soul. For the understanding of the difference between soul and spirit, click here. After the spirit is admitted into Paradise because it has matured and cleaned itself for it, then it must continue in what is called joyful activity. There is no rest but at the same time, there is no hard labor of sweating. That is why it is called joyful activity. It is a blissful praising and worshipping of God.

If the soul could not cross over to Paradise, it is given the dispensation mentioned above.

But now the time is running out for this dispensation of repeated reincarnations. And therefore, in the Cosmic Turning Point, the World Judgement, these souls who failed to make the mark shall be hurled into disintegration. Disintegration is different from destruction.

These souls would go through wondrous torments that will remove their ego-consciousness gained over the periods until they become unconscious seed germ. All consciousness gained shall be removed till they become unconscious seed germ and have to start all over again on the path of its development.

That is the world judgment, the most dreaded thing that can happen to immatured spirits or spirits that think that when they die, that is the end and there is nothing beyond what they cannot see. Yes, you cannot see the air but you breathe it every second. What is your argument against God? Because you cannot see Him and therefore He does not exist?


At this point I would like to exhort you, the soul of man, to watch and pray in the true sense of the Word of Jesus. Watch means to be conscious of yourself, alertness that is needed not to fall. Pray here means to be in constant connection with God.

Man of today, there is only one window left for you; LOVE! Show love to people irrespective of their background, tribe, race, creed or otherwise. Then you will redeem all your guilt, the ones that are still keeping you in the world of gross matter without crossing over to Paradise. Show love to your enemies. The Word of Jesus, therefore, to love your neighbors as yourself, is now a law. It is a demand from God for which you cannot do without. And at the same time, it is a lifebelt thrown to you like to the drowning man in the water. You either hold the lifebelt or consider yourself perished.

Then your redemption shall come and your path shall be cleared from all your entanglements and you shall be free to take a flight into the longed for Height; Paradise. And all your afflictions will end and you shall surely continue in the joyful activity!

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