At any point in time, all of us face challenges one way or the other due to some personal weaknesses. These weaknesses in personal lives affect our progress and therefore success in what is achievable. These weaknesses could be called liabilities while your personal strengths could be called assets.

From the accountant’s point of view:-

A liability is a present obligation of the enterprise arising from past events, the settlement of which is expected to result in an outflow from the enterprise of resources embodying economic benefit. Asset is a resource controlled by the entity as a result of past events and from which future economic benefits are expected to flow to the entity (IASB Framework).

In other words, your liabilities in life would lead you to lose money, fame, success or the good things that would have come your way. These liabilities could be in poor academic performance, poor moral behaviors or addictions and those things that move you away from achieving your cherished dreams. Your strengths or assets would rather return to your fold all the good things that you desire in life.

How do you make sure that you overcome your personal deficiencies and move in the right direction?

The following, not exhaustive, have been penned down to guide you in your way upwards:-

  1. Buy Into Successful People’s Blessing

One of the greatest secrets of success is imitating and buying into the blessings of those who are ahead of you. If you want to be rich, you cannot imitate the lifestyle of the poor person; if you want to be academically successful, I don’t think you can imitate an illiterate. You must look up to someone who is already an achiever in that particular chosen area and buy into their blessing. Buying into blessing means that you desire ardently to be like that person; not covetously as most people do. That is, the person becomes your hero, your mentor, your shining example that you will like to be. Personal contact or acquaintance is not even necessary in this matter. You just have to observe and do likewise.

  1. Ennoble yourself

Continue to improve yourself in that particular area that is your weakness or every aspects of your life. Improvement are in the form of constantly making measurable progress on how you used to be, how you are now and how you actually desired to be in the nearest future. You are not making progress if you continue to mark time (repeat) on the same thing for a long time. It could be you want to quit smoking, you want to avoid the night clubs, and you want to stop visiting the brothels or want to do away with petty stealing. Whatever weighs your soul down could be in this category. One of my notable Bible quotations is: Do not be overcome by evil but overcome evil by doing good (Romans 12:21). Improving yourself gradually would conquer your deficiencies no matter how long it takes. It is better than repeating the same wrong thing all over. Ennoble yourself, that is, continue to improve yourself by doing away with the bad things that prevent you from realizing your goals. Then your dawn will come to all darkness and your light shall shine eventually!

  1. Avoid Negative Energy People And Places

As a follow up on the point above, in order to avoid repeating the same thing all over that prevents you from realizing your dreams, you need to avoid people and places that provide energy to the wrongdoing. Your friends who nurture those habits, your family members who encourage the wrong moves and places that are infested with those negative energies would need to be avoided altogether. It is difficult to break away from people. I know that. But it is never impossible. The focus on the right things would psychically cut you off from these people and places. What is left is to physically cut yourself out. That one will come naturally because every battle must first be won at the spiritual or psychical level before it manifests physically. Don’t be afraid!

  1. Take Up A Noble Role

Whether you are a Buddhist, a Christian or a Moslem, take up a role in your inner circles and begin to offer your services there. Your efforts in the mosque, temple or churches would go a long way to prevent you from other wrong moves. It is not automatic though but if you spent time in your place of worship meaningfully, you automatically cannot use the same time for other wrong things. Participate in programs of your worship center, whatever your religion may be. With that, your light would begin to shine before men (Matthew 5:16) and you are gradually overcoming yourself and eventually becoming a useful tool for your Creator, your people and yourself!


  1. Thanks for this lesson once again, we are always learning through your writings. May God almighty continue giving you wisdom for more teachings. Stay blessed!

  2. You are truly a blessing to this generation with your insight and direct approach to real life solutions through writing.
    I am learning new things always in your writing.
    God bless you Sir

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