There are two approaches to handling annual budgets of institutions. We have what we call the Top-Down Approach and Bottom-Up Approach.

Top-Down Approach

With this approach, the budget is set at the Senior Management level and imposed on the various units and departments to deliver. In order words, the Senior Management decides the budget and the down/line managers must deliver according to the direction.

Bottom-Up Approach

This is the opposite of the above. With this approach, line managers in consultation with their staff sit down and decide their budget. This budget is submitted to Senior Management for approval. The units/departments, here,  have set their own budget/targets and are responsible for ensuring that they achieve their targets.

Link To Personal Life

In real life situation, only about 10% of people are born into a wealthy family. This ten percent of people have everything decided and therefore provided for them by their parents already. The school to attend, the business to enter into, life choices and the rest. This could be linked to the top-down approach to budgeting. Their lives are already provided for. It is already made at the top for them!

However, about 90% of the people of the world must plan and develop their own lives from the bottom to the top level. There is an element of motivation in this. This 90% could make every effort to climb to the top, be better and stronger than the 10% described above. But he who is in the 90% bracket who doesn’t plan his personal development would be lost and remain at the bottom. Witchcraft and evil spirits are not the cause.

Those who are able to make it from the bottom to the top are usually numbered among the most successful people in this world.

How to Use The Bottom-Up Personal Development Approach

Just refuse to be in your present condition. See it to be just a step to the next level and use the current condition to create a better condition. Learn new skills, learn new languages, take new courses and in general improve your personal development. Don’t rest on your laurels.

My 134-page book, 18 LAWS OF PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT shall be a faithful servant to you!


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