Soul and Spirit have been used interchangeably without the users knowing the difference. Likewise, Heaven and Paradise have been used as if they are one.

A spirit is a breath or a spark of God while the soul is the garment of the spirit. A soul further wears another garment. That garment is called the body. This means that every human has two main coverings: the soul and the body. Your core, your very essence is the spirit.

Comparing the human spirit to the animal, the only thing that the animals don’t have is a spirit. They both have soul and body!

The Spirits Descended

‘And a sower went forth to sow….!’ (Luke 8:5). Similar to electric discharges during a thunderstorm, so the spirit parks or spirit germs were sown in the Realm of Animistic substantiality. It was as if the Creative Hand of the Holy Spirit was sowing seeds in the World of Matter. The beings in the Animistic Realm are the master builders of the almighty God. They are the gnomes, salamanders, nixies, elves and sprites.

The spirit germs arrived in a strange environment and therefore felt naked. Later they would have to be clothed by the beings working in the Animistic Sphere. That clothing or garment is the soul the spirit wears. And therefore the soul originates from this realm while the spirit comes from higher above called Paradise in an unconscious form. These germs are looking out to become conscious and therefore must journey further downwards. As if they have been “sacked” from their eternal garden, they arrive in the Word of Matter, now this earth. This is where you can gain your consciousness and return home as a conscious spirit in Paradise or become lost in the field of sowing; if you allow yourself to “fall to the hard grounds” or “picked by the birds”! Take the designations seriously as I am addressing the Bible story at once, on the creation of the first couples called Adam and Eve and at the same time talking about the sower went forth to sow as described by Jesus.

On Earth

How does the spirit covered by the soul arrive on this earth? Every woman who has ever been pregnant beyond the third or the fourth month will acknowledge what I am going to say here. At the middle of pregnancy, the first movement of the developing child causes the first twitches. The baby moves for the first time in the womb. This movement affects the mood of the expecting mother; either she feels some joy or some sorrow depending on the type of soul that arrived. This first movement signifies that the soul has entered the developing fetus and others call it ensoulment or incarnation. And this causes the blood of the fetus to start circulating for the first time. Also, take note that the blood ceases to flow in anybody when the spirit leaves…….and this is called death!

Heaven And Paradise

Washington is not the same as New York. While Accra is far different from Kumasi though they are from the same country.  Berlin is far different from Frankfurt as well as The Hague is different from Amsterdam. I am giving you these analogies for you to understand what I want to raise with you.

Heaven is the abode of God. This is also called the Divine Realm. In the future, we shall separate this realm into Unsubstantiate and substantiate. But for today, let’s leave it as it is for now. God dwells here with a few Angels like The Queen of Heaven, Archangels and the Four Animals at the Step of the Throne. The lowest point of this Divine Realm is what has been described as the dwelling place of the 24 Elders (Revelations 4:10). More of this later.

Paradise lies at the lowest part of the Primordial Spiritual Planes. These planes act as the bridge between Heaven, Paradise and the rest of Creation. The lowest part of this Primordial Spiritual Plane is where Paradise lives! For the purpose of this write-up, we cannot talk too much about it. But what I would like to describe here is written in Matthew 11: 11-15 where Jesus talks about John the Baptist. Above Paradise, there is a region called Patmos. That is where John the Baptist dwells. Because it is higher than the origin of the human spirit, Paradise, Jesus described John the Baptist as the highest to be born among men but in heaven, he is the lowest!

The human spirit is in the habit of putting Heaven and Paradise together as if they are one. There are worlds upon worlds between Heaven and Paradise.

These shall be explained in detail once human spirits are matured for it. Don’t hurry through to know them yet but take the time to absorb the designations aright.

You shall mature thereby!

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